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March 26, 2021

Top Best Complete 8 Yoga for Weight Gain May 2023

Yoga for Weight Gain

Are you sick of hearing your relatives ask, “Doesn’t your mother feed you well?” You might also hear from your friends that you’re “too skinny.”

First of all, we must completely declare that your body is something you are proud of. Nothing is too thin or not too thin. However, a good diet, exercise, and staying healthy are important.

You’re still skinny despite your new eating habits? If this describes you, you’ve arrived at the right place. And the solution to both of these questions is yoga.

However, it’s important to figure out why you’re thin, whether it’s due to a disorder, a genetic condition, a distorted diet, or something else.

Yoga is a spiritual art method that not only stretches and relaxes but also helps you strengthen your body muscles. It helps you gain weight by balancing hormones, improving digestion, increasing appetite, and strengthening physical strength.

Difference between Healthy and Unhealthily Skinny –

Before performing specific asanas, it is important to note that there is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss.

Some people may need to gain weight due to certain eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia) or lack of balance in metabolism, such as hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland does not release the correct amount of hormones into the blood.

When it comes to unhealthy skinny, medical and even psychological consultations are needed, despite the fact that there are asanas that may help with both of these specific cases.

How Does Yoga Help You Gain Weight?

Let’s look at some yoga asanas that can help you build body mass now that we’ve assessed the distinctions between healthy and unhealthy skinny and their triggers.

It’s important to emphasize that no single asana can cause you to gain weight immediately.

The regular exercise of yoga can ensure the best function of metabolism by reducing stress levels, strengthening muscle mass, and improving appetite and digestive system. As a result, it can help you gain weight.

8 Yoga For Weight Gain –

1. Bhujangasana –


Cobra Pose is another name for Bhujangasana. It increases appetite, controls metabolism, and prevents blockages by acting on both the posterior and anterior parts of the digestive system. It stimulates appetite and relieves flatulence and constipation, which is particularly necessary for weight gain.

Breathing improves when you stretch and open up your heart. Blood circulation and nutrient absorption are also improved.

How To Do It –

Lie down flat on your stomach, legs straight, and feet facing down. Maintain a side-to-side stance with your elbows. Then, lift your chest and place your weight on the whole forearm, not just the elbow. Deeply inhale and vigorously exhale.

2. Savasana –


Savasana, also known as “corpse pose”, is another great way to gain weight because it can provide you with the rest you need.

This is a posture where the body and mind have the best coordination, and it is a way to balance the internal system without physical activity. This is a great stress buster, allowing you to gain weight over time.

How To Do It –

Lie on your back with your feet together. Place your hands on your sides, palms facing your body. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply. Relax your body for 3-5 minutes.

3. Uttanasana


Uttanasana is a forward bending posture that can help to stimulate the digestive system and increase appetite. It also strengthens your spine and extends your muscles, resulting in a physically comfortable state of being.

The Surya Namaskars have a basic bending posture called the Surya Namaskar. This is the ideal Yoga for weight gain for both male and female practitioners.

How To Do It –

Stand upright with feet on the ground. Now exhale and slowly bend forward until your palm touches your foot. Hold the position for 5 seconds Inhale slowly and return to the original position.

4. Pavanamuktasana –


Pavanamuktasana, a wind-relieving posture, is another posture that is generally recommended to relieve various stomach problems, including indigestion and constipation. This can improve digestion, which in turn improves nutrient absorption.

It must be practiced for about 5 minutes every day. This is one of the effective yoga exercises to gain weight!

How To Do It –

Place your feet together and lie flat on your back. Make sure your arms are close to your neck. Exhale by taking a deep breath and bringing your knees close to your chest. Throughout the process, keep your knees firmly in place.

Slowly inhale and let go of the grip. Repeat 5 to 10 times more.

5. Matsyasana –

Fish Pose is another name for Matsyasana. It’s a type of yoga in which the practitioner sits with her legs together and then bends backward in an arch supported by her elbows, her hand tucked into her hips.

The head moves backward until it comes to a stop on the ground. This improves hair health by raising blood circulation in the scalp.

How To Do It –

Bring your legs together and lie flat on your back. Place your palms beneath your hips and your elbows parallel to the ground. Inhale slowly and raise the waist and head to face the ground. Return your head to its natural location and your back to the ground as you exhale.

6. Dhanurasana –


Dhanurasana or Bow Pose is the best yoga poses to increase women’s weight. This yoga pose not only helps to gain weight but also stretches the back and strengthens the thigh muscles and ankles. The best time to perform yoga exercises to gain weight is 4 to 6 hours after meals.

How To Do It –

Lying on the belly in the center of the yoga mat. Separate your legs. Bend your feet closer to your hips. Stretch your hands, hold and hold the bent foot. Push up the chest and thighs. Now, your weight is on your stomach.

7. Chakrasana –


One of the yoga for weight gain is Chakrasana or wheel pose. This is beneficial if you suffer from Asthma or infertility. This yoga mudra or pose helps to burn fat and build muscle in a lean body. You will find it difficult to do at first, but with consistent practice, you will be able to do well.

How To Do It –

Lie on your back. Fold your knees and drag them near your hips. Place your palms close to your shoulders. Place your feet and palms on the ground, and then lift your body. Make every effort to keep your body arched.

8. Kapalbhati –


This form is called kapalbhati or front lobe cleansing technique. In this technique, breathing exercises are coordinated with the stomach muscles to achieve respiratory function.

This pose enhances your respiratory health by expanding your lung capacity. It also helps to keep the hormones in balance and improves your digestive system. It also promotes internal tranquility and positivity in the body and mind.

How To Do It –

Sit cross-legged and place your palms on your thighs. Take a deep breath and continue to exhale hard. Make a hissing sound to get rid of toxins. Repeat every 5 minutes.


1. Will yoga help me increase my appetite and gain weight?

Yes, yoga may be the best way to increase appetite and weight. We have listed some effective yoga asanas that can be used for your digestive organs and bowel movements to gain weight.

2. Can I gain weight in 10 days through Yoga?

Yoga is not magic. It requires your persistence and dedication. If you practice the above yoga asanas regularly, you can see changes within two weeks.

3. How should I plan my diet to gain weight effectively?

Your diet must not eat one meal at a time. This can put severe pressure on your stomach and even your liver. Instead, it breaks down the meal into multiple elements and indulges in delicious delicacies every 2-3 hours. The key is to keep the stomach active and release enzymes in a controlled manner to better digest and absorb nutrients.

4. What are the side effects of yoga to increase weight?

There are no major side effects of practicing yoga to gain weight. However, it is said that people who have been doing yoga for a period of time usually gain weight after quitting yoga.

This is due to a high-calorie intake combined with little to no physical activity. This may be advantageous for those wishing to gain weight. Yoga, on the other hand, is essential for good health!

5. In addition to yoga, what other exercises can increase weight?

Yoga has some amazing exercises that can help you gain weight. When doing yoga asanas, you can increase your metabolic rate by jogging or brisk walking. It can also help you gain weight by improving your immune system and increasing your appetite.

Why are some people born thin? Should they gain weight?

As we have seen, some people are born thin. but why? Many factors may be decomposed, such as the genetics of your family, the size of your stomach, the amount of physical activity, the activity of intestinal bacteria, stress, rapid metabolism, diet, etc.

But what is really interesting is that recently, scientists have discovered that naturally slim people present different genetic codes that can help them stay thin and trim.

Healthy skinny people don’t have a special “thin gene,” but they do lack the genes that make them more likely to gain weight. To put it another way, slim people have fewer genetic variations related to obesity.

Yoga for Weight Gain Final Words –

Weight gain or loss is not an aesthetic issue, but well-being. If you are underweight, many suggestions can be solved. However, the natural way to gain weight is yoga. Here, we have chosen 8 yoga for weight gain. These poses will help you increase muscles, endurance and make your skin glow. It can also keep you away from a series of health problems, such as cholesterol, insufficient energy, weak bones, depression, joint pain, etc.

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