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March 6, 2021


A sling bag is the one that is a bit smaller in size as compared to other bigger bags. It has either an adjustable or a non-adjustable long belt for you to carry the bag on your shoulder or across your body on the side. It is one of the most demanded used and admired bags due to its features along with being endlessly stylish at the same time. Your admired accessories can never be complete without having a blend of slings in it. If you are searching for sling bags for men to pair with your looks, you are at the right place.  Here you found a plethora of branded sling bags for men from brands like Lavie, Hidesign, Accessorize London, Baggit and many others.


The Stylish sling bags turn out to be more of a fashion accessories along with performing their main role to keep your things safe. While we require to attend different occasions that need us to dress in a certain way, we obviously need the right bags, and everything in order to secure the desired look is attained. Slings are certainly your go-to choice while you opt your bag for any particular outfit. They come in numerous variants based on the look you intend to design and as per the occasion.

It is one of the most adaptable types of bags. For example if you have a party at the club tonight? Simply adorn your shimmery dress with a sling bags for men painted in a solid hue to make a statement. Give a perfect touch to your look a dash of sophistication by carrying a black sling bag for men with a metal tone detail. Black slings are highly adaptable as you can team them with your casual as well as formal attires.


If you are searching for sling bags for men to team with your formal, casual or occasional look, we have it all. While you are looking for sling bags for men online, you will find endless opt of the same and you might have a wavering faith about purchasing them online. However, here you can rest assured about the quality and pricing of the products. We have a comprehensive range to help you through your sling bags for men or leather sling bags for men at online shopping. Our customer-friendly returns policy and shipping will make ease your buying process from the comfort of your home.


Sling bags for men come in numerous patterns, varieties and colors. Whether you are searching for something monochrome bold, printed or elegant, we all have it here. Give a geometric touch to your look by teaming a round sling bags for men with your otherwise regular look. Stay hands-free by carrying your important things in a small sling bag rather than carrying a clutch for a party. A travel leather sling bags for men is certainly the answer if you have a trip planned over the weekend. Thus, whatever your style statement be, look no further, explore endless choices in sling bags for men.

Buying Guides for sling bags for men

A sling bags for men is an unstructured fabric bag that can either be adorn parallel to your body, or across it. One end of the belt is attached to one end of the bag and the other to the other end. These bags are generally present in a variety of shapes, colours and styles each of which serve a certain purpose.

These sling bags for men are casual, adaptable, and practical, and they’re back. These stylish leather sling bags for men provide ample space for all of your purse required, and are also responsible for bringing your whole look together. They design the perfect carry ons but also work well as everyday carry. 

If you are looking to buy sling bags for men online, then take a look at this list we prepared of the best sling bags for men before you make your purchase.

Types of Sling Bags

  • The Classic
  • The Designer
  • Wallet Crossbody Bag
  • Sling Backpacks

The Classic Sling Bag

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This type of sling bags is a bag that as one end of the belt is attached to the top of the bag and the other attached to the bottom. These bags are also used as daypacks, extremely if you tire of lugging around your usually large and big purse. Generally a little bigger than a wallet, this bag will contain interior pockets to store things like your wallet, phone and more.

The Designer Bag

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The main difference between the classic sling bags and a designer sling bags  is that this one is more perfect for a date night out or a special occasion. They are available in different sizes and shapes and sometimes can take a long time to make since some of them are custom in pieces. Also present in different colours and styles, they are often times bejeweled and are small enough to keep your essentials for the night.

Wallet Crossbody Bag

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A wallet crossbody bag is a great sling bags for men for a casual day out. It’s the same as a classic sling bag, but the primary difference is, it’s a purse with a chain or leather belt attached to it. Often used to keep just your cell phone and basic wallet things like your cash and cards, this wallet crossbody bag works great for a casual outing.

Sling Backpacks

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Sling backpacks also known as mono shoulder sling bags, they are backpacks with one strap that can be worn across the body. These backpacks generally have a zipper on the single belt allowing the person to use it like a daily backpack, but that’s about the difference between the two. These work perfect well as an everyday carry but can also twice as a carry on for all of your travel adventures.

Here we have some collection of sling bags for men leather sling bags for men, read our prepared lists of sling bags carefully and opt the best choice for you :

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1.HIDE & SKIN YP Leather Sling Messenger Bag

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When it comes to perfect messenger sling bags for men, there is no other that can beat the HIDE & SKIN’s collection of messenger sling bags, All of the bags are made of top-grain leather and are stitch with elegant and durability in mind. This stylish messenger sling bag is handcrafted with the advanced trend analysis that forecast which ultimately meet all your expectations as it is a great combination of style, function and fashion.

Featuring a perfect design, hand sewn, dyed and aged messenger sling bag is light weight, ling lasting and a fine leather product. This casual style leather messenger sling bags for men features durable cotton fabric with rich leather, leather trim and a versatile shoulder belt that can be slung comfortably across the body.

Dimensions of item : 24.13 x 8.89 x 27.31 cm; 400 Grams

Country of Origin: India

Department: Unisex

Item Weight: 400 g

Dimensions of item LxWxH: 24.1 x 8.9 x 27.3 Centimeters

Net Quantity: 1.00 Unit

2.Rolexo Men’s Synthetic Leatherette Stylish Cross-Body, Business Messenger Sling Bag

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ROLEXO Regular Cross-Body Sling Bags for men provides you stylish and trendy look. Just put your important items in this sling bag and you are ready to go hands-free. It can keep your mobile or tablet, keys, small diary, pen, wallet, sunglasses, accessories etc. easily. The sling bag has – 1 Main compartment, 2 additional zipper pockets (1 internal & 1 external),1 versatile shoulder strap. It’s very easy to use and comfortable. It can be used while traveling in public transports, bike riding,  or while walking. Good product for gifting to your near ones.

Trendy, Stylish And Elegant, Made In India. This Cross-Body sling bags for men Comes With An versatile Shoulder Strap & a portable Size So That You Can Carry All Your Daily Essentials simply. A Light Weight Design and Slim Profile Makes This sling Bag great For Carrying All Day.

With A Main middle Pocket Along With A Front and a Back Zipper Pocket, You Can Carry All Your important things Like Phone, Water Bottle, Wallet, Diary, Tablet,  & Much More

Manufacturer : ROLEXO

Item Weight : 350 g

Included Components : Satchel

3.Lenis Genuine Leather Messenger Sling Shoulder Bag

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Lenis Cross-Body Sling Bag for men provides you stylish and trendy look. Just keep your essential things in this sling bag and you are ready to go hands-free. You can keep mobile or tablet, wallet, sunglasses, keys, small diary, pen, make-up accessories easily. It can be used while traveling in public transports, bike riding, or while walking. Good Item for gifting to your near ones.

Material: Our messenger sling bags for men is made up of superior quality leather which is soft and long-lasting. The bag is skillfully stitched with strong lining to secure high durability for daily use.

Portability: This brown colour messenger sling bag has a wide shoulder belt that diminish shoulder fatigue. The shoulder belt can be adjusted up to a preferred length of up to 23 inches. This sling bag can be used as a chest bag, worn on the shoulder, or positioned across the body.

Dimensions of item LxWxH : 19 x 6 x 23 Centimeters

Net Quantity : 1.00 count

4.VISSTOSSO Women's Leather Kantha Fusion Sling Bag

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This unique and perfect sling bag is a fusion of Kantha embroidery and full grain leather. This leather sling bag is a Kantha work, a historical Indian hand embroidery is an unique traditional hand work that originated in the state Murshidabad, West Bengal. This sling bag has a multicolor silk fabrics in this sling bag have been joined in patches with kantha embroidery on it, the leather is of high quality full grain leather that is naturally vegetable dyed.

This is a hand made bag and most crucially, it is made by our creative hard working Indian artisans in India. This bag occurs with flavors of different cultures and states of India, so Indians wear it proudly and feel the Indians.

Dimensions of item LxWxH : 10 x 10 x 10 Millimeters

Net Quantity : 1.00 count

5.Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown Leather Messenger sling Bag

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Hammonds Flycatcher presents a classic stylish leather sling bags, briefcases and wallets. This product has careful construction and long lasts hardware which give it a timeless but modern style bags. Made from high quality leather with disordered scratches and wrinkles. Its features a nylon threading for long-term use and the adequate size for a contemporary look to keep consistent. The metal fittings and reinforcement materials give this bag durable enough for everyday use. This sling bag for men is a stylish and business bag for office, college, school, university, meeting, business, traveling, etc.

It is made up of pure leather and has disorderly scratches, wrinkles, scars on its surface which looks stunning

Great for Any Situation

Great for Any Situation

Ideal for keep laptop, iPad, A4 books, mobile phone, wallet, pens, etc.

6.Storite PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Sling Office Bag for Men & Women

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This office laptop sling bag fits laptops and your essential things of up to 14 inches. Perfect for Professionals or Office going Men & Women. This sling bag is compact in size and comfortable for carrying business as well as day to day items like battery bank, pen, tablet, laptop, charger, phone, diary, visiting cards, keys etc. An unique design with a luggage belt in the backside which can simply carry along with a suitcase, convenient to travel anywhere. Ideal for business trips or weekend getaways or for simply heading to the school or office and home.

The messenger sling bag features a wide shoulder belt that reduce shoulder fatigue. The shoulder belt can be simply removed when not need, and effortlessly adaptable to preferred lengths. This sling bag can be easily carried by the handle, wear on shoulders, and positioned across the  body.

The messenger sling bag features a detachable wide shoulder belt that reduces the shoulder fatigue. This sling bag can be simply carried by the handle, wear on shoulders, and positioned across body.

Brand : Storite

Colour : Black/Brown

Item Height : 6 Centimeters

Item Width : 29 Centimeters

Standing screen display size : 14 Inches

Dimensions of item : 40 x 29 x 6 cm; 880 Grams

Item Weight : 880 g

7.CONTACTS Genuine Leather Messenger Sling bags for men

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This sling bags for men is made up of superior leather which is soft and durable. The bag is skillfully stitched with strong lining to secure high durability for everyday use. The main padded compartment of this brown leather sling bag for men and women is designed to keep a 9.7 -inch I-Pad with full safety.

Huge Capacity: The bag occurs with one main metal color nylon zipper pocket, one interior slot pocket, one computer interlayer and three side zipper pouch next to it; This Premium Leather Crossbody Shoulder sling Bag can keep all of your necessities for your daily use, wallet, phone, passport, and miscellaneous items

Portability: This brown messenger sling bag has a wide shoulder belt that reduces the shoulder fatigue. The shoulder strap can be adapted up to a preferred length of 28 cms to 62 cms. This bag can be used as a chest bag, worn on the shoulder, or positioned across the body

Item Weight : 400 g

Dimensions of item LxWxH : 21.5 x 10 x 25.5 Centimeters

Closure Type : Zipper

Country of Origin : India

8.Travel Sling Bag for Men

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A power packed Stylish Sling bag for men – carry all your gadgets and many more in this New Cosmus Rome Sling Bag. This sling bag for men bag is specially designed for the tech savvy people who carries whole lots of Digital essential like – Mobile, different cables, Tablet/iPad, Power bank, Pen drive, external hard disk etc, this sling bags for men has separate space for all your essential. Keep them secure and Travel worry free. This Crossbody travel Sling bag provides a streamlined pack with simple access to both the main compartment and zippered pockets for those who prefer to keep things organized.

Dimension: 10.50×8.75×4.25 inches; Capacity: 6L Weight:350gms

Warranty: One year warranty

Dimensions of item : 22.23 x 10.8 x 26.67 cm; 350 Grams

Manufacturer: Cosmus

Item Weight: 350 g

Dimensions of item LxWxH: 22.2 x 10.8 x 26.7 Centimeters.


In this article we will provide every aspects of sling bags for men, read carefully and understand each and every points, then you should decide which sling bags is best and comfortable for you and suits your style. We believe that this article helps you to find the best sling bag that suits your style and fashion, If still have any confusion with the curated items. Please provide us your valuable comments, we will try our best to resolve it.

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