December 20, 2020

Top 5 Body Lotion in India May 2023

This is the ultimate guide for top 5 body lotion you’re looking for here we will also discuss why using body lotion on daily basis will be necessary for the nourishment of the skin. The time for hot coffee and beautiful sweaters is here and so the problem of dry skin is also tagged along. In this period of time, one should take extra care for their skin. Cold & harsh weather is not suitable for skin. To prevent this kind of problem one should use nourishing winter moisturiser.

There are many different remedies available for dry skin, but there are only a few moisturizers which can cure the problem faced by the people who have dry skin. Using lotion provides nourishment to one’s skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs constant care & attention if one is willing to keep the skin young & healthy. Lotion helps the dry skin to heal the rough edges of an elbow or the other section of the body part. Applying lotion on daily basis will help you to get soft & smooth skin in winter.

But which body lotion to choose? There are numerous option available in the market which one should you consider? With the advancement of technology, the list of option is getting bigger. After testifying certain option we have come with top 5 body lotion which is suitable for people having dry sensitive skin. Other than our list of favourite lotion we will also discuss why one should consider body lotion in the first place.

Using body lotion on daily basis can give a glowing effect to your skin. In this section, we will be going to discuss the numerous benefits of using lotion.

Keeps your skin hydrated

There is a various reason because of which your skin gets dried. Specifically, in winter season skin get dried up because of harsh weather. If you consider applying body lotion on daily basis then it will keep the skin hydrated for long period.

Provides glow to the skin

Once you apply lotion one can see the difference between the skin before & after applying the lotion. Once you apply lotion to your body it heals your dry tissue which makes your skin glow.

Makes your skin soft & smooth

If you apply the body lotion in the rough edges of the body it will soften those edges. This edges can easily be healed because of applying lotion. So if you are willing to soften your skin than applying lotion will help to heal the dry skin specifically in the winter season.

Applying on the rough edges will also help you to smoothen your skin. As applying lotion on the rough edges removes all the dead cells from it and makes your skin smooth.

Skin is an important part of the body and taking proper care will help you to get smooth and soft skin you have been dreaming about for a while. Feel the warmth of the smooth skin by applying this top 5 body lotion which we are going to discuss below:

NIVEA Body Lotion, Nourishing Body Milk, For Very Dry Skin, 200ml

Body Lotion


This lotion comes with enriched almond. For long-lasting effect, it has deep moisturizing serum. It is suitable for dry skin. Smoothening your skin.


To get even tone smooth skin we highly recommend you this NIVEA lotion. Use this product on regular to get the soft skin. This Nivea lotion comes with a technique of deep moisturizing serum. Comes with 2x almond oils which hydrates the dry skin, which brings shine and glows to dull skin.

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Body Lotion, 400 ml


It contains glycerin which provides lustrous glow to one’s body. The moisturizer penetrates up to 5 skin layer which makes skin smooth. daily usage can make skin soft.


Vaseline is considered to be the most trust-worthy brand in India. The Vaseline body lotion helps to heal the dry skin by blending with the natural skin and trap the moisture present in the skin. And the glycerin present in the lotion helps to revive the dead skin and provides extra glow to the skin.

This Vaseline body lotion comes with a smart pump because of which one can easily use this lotion without any hassle. One can easily apply the lotion without any mess.

Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless body Lotion


Nourish and hydrate your skin with natural ingredients. Suitable for any skin type. And most of an all it brings an extra glow to your skin


Because of daily exposure of skin to harmful pollutants, it has become necessary to keep the skin hydrated so we bring you this biotique body lotion, this lotion is suitable for any skin type. After applying this moisturizer one get a subtle effect form it. Not only it nourishment makes your skin glow during harsh weather. This product uses only natural ingredient, so if you tend to buy only product that is made of herbal ingredients than biotique lotion is the one.

Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Deep Nourish


Free from sulphate & silicon ideal for any kind of skin type. Petroleum jelly is used makes it suitable to use for harsh weather condition. Comes with non-greasy texture nourishes your skin and makes your skin glow.


One can easily get a naturally glowing skin with the help of parachute body lotion. This lotion comes with natural moisturizer which nourishes the dry skin and removes the dead skin cell which provides the smooth glowing skin. As it penetrates your skin up 10 layers and lock the moisture present in the skin and try to restore the natural skin.

Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion


The lotion made of cocoa butter & wheat germ oil. Daily usage can restore the old glow in the skin. Provides smooth and soft texture to the skin. This product is suitable for people having dry skin.


This Himalayan body lotion comes with the goodness of cocoa butter & wheat germ cell which helps to nourish your skin and brings a lustrous glow to the skin. The best thing is this lotion is suitable for any season. On regular usage, one can get even-toned glowing skin.


Taking good care of your skin can keep your skin nourished. Applying body lotion on regular basis can restore the smooth & soft texture of the body. If you’re will get that glowing skin it is recommended to use the above mentioned top 5 body lotion. There are varieties of option available in the market choosing the right product should be the uttermost priority of the user. One should choose lotion according to the skin type, as sensitive skin should get the right lotion to avoid blemishes.

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