September 5, 2020

kitchen best tools under 500/- made in India May 2023


The Wazdorf Kitchen Press is kitchen best tools, made from food grade stainless steel, is suitable for making various shapes and sizes of savouries such as Murukku, Chakli, Sevai, Pasta etc. The unit comes with 15 different blades to fit various savoury styles. Made of Stainless Steel heavy grade, it weights 488 gm and is a perfect addition to your kitchen.


  • Made from 100% food grade stainless steel
  • Easy press mechanism that eliminates the need for manual turning
  • Ideal for making murukku, chaklis, rice sevai, pasta etc.
  • Comes with 15 attachments that helps make different shapes of delicacies.
  • Heavy grade stainless steel that is 488 gm in weight

Stop the difficulty and hassle of using numerous tools in the kitchen, this is the kitchen best tools. such as scissors, peelers, shredders and cutting boards for your cutting and chopping needs. The Ganesh Fast Vegetable Dicer is the ideal solution for all tasks in your kitchen that involve cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, peeling and shredding. With a unique design with simple operation, you can easily and safely perform a great range of kitchen actions on this dicer. Its ergonomic handle helps you to chop large fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, capsicum, apples and more in one swift movement and the reliable nature ensures smooth cutting at all times.

The Ganesh Fast Plastic Dicer features a highly durable and robust plastic container with a solid rubber base at the bottom for improved grip and makes it easy to cut your favorite fruits and vegetables on a kitchen best tools table top. Both blades in the package are made of high-quality stainless steel, and are extremely sharp for fast cutting. These blades are made to last long, so you can keep grating cheese, peeling potatoes, dicing onions or slicing pineapples for years, even with daily use.

The Ganesh Fast Plastic Dicer features a unique push-to-clean button mechanism, and cleaning and maintaining this product is a breeze. If you own a dishwasher, you can also use it to clean this dicer as it is safe for dishwasher use. Its distinctive green colour is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the overall decor in your kitchen. You can also use the large detachable container to store your cut fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, making the Ganesh Fast Plastic Dicer a multi-purpose kitchen appliance with multiple applications.


  • Large unbreakable container with rubber grip base which holds the device firmly in place
  • Fastest, safest and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables, Dishwasher Safe ;
  • Other Features: Easy To Use, Clean and Store, Hand Operated, No Electricity Needed, Unbreakable ABS Plastic Body, Extra Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
  • Advanced push to clean button which ensures easy and hygienic cleaning
  • High-quality stainless steel blades for easy chopping, Sharp pyramid-shaped cutting blade for efficient and smooth cutting
  • Large detachable container which can also be used to store vegetable and fruits in refrigerator.
  • Colour: Green, Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel, Shape: Rectangle
  • Package Contents: 1 Plastic Container, 1 peeler with grater, 1 safety holder, 1 masher & 1 handle with cleaning press
    Blades: 1 dual, 2 slicer, 2 grater, 1 Juliane, blade die attachment

Not only can Utensil Drainer basket be used as a storage shelf to place the dishes, it can also be positioned only for washed dishes and bowls, it is suitable for effective draining and drying of dishes. Use in office also to sort papers, paperwork, magazine etc. Hollow design, there is an easy-to-drain diversion tray on the bottom, and there is a special small drain place to place chopsticks and spoons, chopsticks and dishes put separately, which is very convenient. Human Diversion Bottom Tray, More Convenient and Clean, Supporting Individual Chopsticks Spoon Cylinder, Side Hooks, You Can Free Hanging In The Draining Rack.


  • Made of durable heavy-duty plastic
  • Environmental safe and healthy.
  • High Quality Concept.
  • Internal hollow design.
  • Supporting individual chopsticks and spoon holder.
  • Size :- (L) 44 cm , (W) 30.5 cm , (H) 14.8 cm

There’s no point buying an expensive filter coffee maker, this one is more than enough to enjoy authentic filter coffee and best coffee machine in India. Instead, you should invest in good chicory-free coffee powder. 

Coming to the product, this is stainless steel and the package reached  in perfect condition. The net is properly perforated and so is the filter cup. The retainer can hold enough concentrate for 4 small cups and two large cups. I like to ‘make it large’.

The trick is to let it settle properly and then put it in your cup and add milk over it. Don’t mix the two like they do it traditionally. Mix using a spoon and the taste just latches onto you. You can make strong coffee by adding more powder. Simple steps make great coffee, you won’t go back to instant coffee powder trust me! 

Product looks durable and does the job, been using it. Very easy to wash since you need put only water in the filter coffee maker. Just fill and drain and you are ready to prepare your next coffee!


  • High-Quality Salem Steel
  • Superior 304 Grade Steel Manufacturing with smooth Edges
  • Easy to use and learn, does not require expert knowledge.
  • Easy to wash with soap and water, dish washer safe
  • Makes about 200ml of thick Coffee Decoction.
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