September 8, 2020

Gardening Best Small Tools For Homes & Offices

CosmosKraft Gardening Tools Kit (Set of 5 Tools) m2300

  • Set of 5 Tools – 1 khurpi 2 inch, 1 Cultivator, Weeder, Transplantor & Garden Fork
  • Handle – Wooden (White) for better grip
  • Perfect tool set for all your gardening needs.
  • light weight. and easy to use

“CosmosKraft is one of the leading brands for gardening equipment. And it is known for its leader in top-quality farm products, tool kits and garden tools. Now a day’s gardening has become a must for any house and it’s also a hobby.

Our resources are of the highest quality and durable, and are therefore very easy to use. We also market our goods as combination package and dual package, as well as single collection. Looking for the best planting equipment for your planting practises in the open? Want to replace your outdated gardening tool kit of low quality with a new one.

Last Strong One? Then you look for the proper gardening tools name. Buy our Gardening Equipment from CosmosKraft and have a fantastic and seamless gardening experience. We promise you’ll enjoy gardening with our equipment. CosmosKraft!

  • Material:Iron, Color:Multicolour
  • Package Contents:1 Piece Garden Tools
  • Dimension: Handle – 9.5cm, blade – 9cm
  • these garden tools are made of the highest quality solid polished iron which are sharpened for small or larger gardens alike

Gardening Best Small Tools For Homes & Offices

Kraft seeds have always believed in environmentally friendly growth by investing in developing a home crop. 

A group of enthusiastic dreamers at kraft seeds have worked day in day out since the year 2000 to supply Indian homes with the best seeds and flower bulbs.

Kraft seeds provides a wide variety of floral seeds, Indian vegetable seeds, tropical vegetable seeds, herbal seeds, flower bulbs and everything you need in garden accessories.

Kraft seeds had always assumed that they were ‘pure’ and were heading in that direction.

  • High Quality Plastic Body & Non-slip Grip
  • 8 Watering Patterns
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Connects easily to any standard garden hose
  • perfect garden hose nozzle for watering plants

Shower, spray, pipe, fan, slope, ground, soaker and jet-adjustable configuration for ideal garden watering. Easily pick your spray area, and experience great watering with this detachable nozzle in your garden lawn and turf.

Soaker is used to soak dried plants at the base or to fill watering tanks, Mist is used to smooth the spray for flowers or herbs, Shower is used to water plants or to clean dogs or cats.

Jet is used to wash vehicles, clean ducts or outside surfaces, Cone for long distance irrigation of grass or garden lawns, Flat is used for targeted irrigation at any distance and Fan, Angle is used to water around the horizon.

Our durable heavy duty garden nozzle for homes is made of high-quality plastic material with ergonomic construction to perform long spray sessions without getting bushed with your paws.

It is ideally coated with powerful non-slipping rubber grips to avoid loss of grip in your palm. With its efficient and helpful pro functions it can be used with specific sprays for several long years for all your outdoor watering needs.

Our press push lever features in our garden nozzles keep comfort fit locking clip for continuous watering for long time. It openly changes the water flow to meet your needs in an optimal manner.

And O-Ring hoard insider rubber offers a solid, secure seal to prevent leakage, which eliminates excess water wastage. Never think about leaks, since it only attaches to every water pipe. This provides you with a simple buy and 1 minute installation with each of your garden taps.

Using this watering piston well to water trees, garden area and lawns. It is strongly compliant with car eminence sweeping, front and back steps, and stairs. The twist knob remote helps you to adjust the water pressure with maximum watering precision.

It allows versatility in the flow of water from fine mist, mild spray, and jet stream by turning from left to right the head of the hose nozzle. It is best suited for domestic and industrial irrigation.

Left the older watering plant strategies with cans & buckets adapted to this awesome water sprayer that offers one-handed turn feature for quick cleaning and cut-off strategies that conserve water over traditional spraying systems by watering your garden from one spot.

It is extremely imaginative in order to provide you with the newest and new technology to comfy your lifestyle. It provides continuous flux of water in all directions and locations. It also includes an intense watertight seal, which lets the nozzles out.

  • Size – Height: 15cm (6 inch) Length: 18cm (7 inch) Width: 15cm (6 inch).
  • Material: Galvanized Iron Metal, It is specially made up of powder coated paint for rust resistance.
  • Each planter, having a Detachable hook, durable and lightweight.

Gardening Best Small Tools For Homes & Offices

Railing planters are the perfect plant growers to decorate your yard. You should use railing planters instead of playing table top planters. For example:- These planters would offer an attractive look for your house / flat / apartment if you put those planters on a balcony or in terrace railings / wall.

Railing planters are used not only to cultivate plants but also to attract the guests. Railing special planters will be easy to place on the patio, doors, railing and decorate them elsewhere in the building.

It can be used for decorations indoors and outdoors. Trust basket basket planters are weather tolerant, and their colour does not disappear under sunshine or water.

Gardening constitutes one of the greatest interests. Relaxed and creative. Growing a garden not only increases the house’s appearance but also makes the air healthier and fresher. But it can be difficult to locate a piece of land to set up a garden in today ‘s crowded houses.

If that is your challenge, you might consider of railing flower pots to create a vertical garden or railing garden in your balcony.

We have an enticing range of railing planters that will immediately beautify the balcony with circular dotted designs. These railing flower pots are made of galvanised iron, and finished with powder-coated paint that makes them resistant to rust and fade.

These pointing, circular railing planters can be placed on the balcony railings. Or the hooks may be removed and placed on the floor or on a bench. The pots have drainage hole which allows excess water to flow out.

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