September 8, 2020

Decor Lamp For Beautiful Home In India May 2023

Decent Glass Turkish Decor Lamp For Beautiful Home Table Lamp Purse Shape Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Handicraft lamp

  • Mosaic Glass Table Lamp is made up of semi-transparent glass beads so when you switch on the Bulb it glows and gives really pretty and glowing look!
  • Made of glass, this table lamp is durable and sturdy, and enhances your home décor.
  • Mosaic Pattern. A blend of traditional and modern, this table lamp has a colorful and vibrant mosaic pattern that gives your home a magical and charming ambience.
  • personality bedside lamp, wedding table lamp, suitable for bedroom, living room, bed, romantic, reading room,at home to increase the atmosphere of a good desk lamp.
  • It is a Best Gift for Marriage Anniversary , Parents , Mother’s day , Wedding Return Gift , Birthday , Housewarming , Office Shop Inauguration , Festive and Corporate Gifts

Decorate your lovely home ‘s interior with Decor Lamp For Beautiful this stunning multi-colored table lamp from the Decent Glass storehouse collection. It is made of material of rich quality which is durable and versatile in look. Surely it will add a unique touch to your home decor.

This lamp has a yellow light for brightening up your interior. The vibrant shades, illuminated or unlit, bring a lively colour pop to any place. Therefore no need to look beyond that captivating table lamp.

Turkish lamps are 100 percent handmade products made from Decent glass by master craftsmen. Completely original with mosaic crystals and finishes of high quality. The lamp mosaics are made of glass pearls which are joined by plaster which gives the glass globe great robustness and thickness.

High quality luminaire. The materials used ensure product performance and a high heat resistance of up to 200 o C, so that 60W bulbs can be placed without problem.

All of our lamps are hand blown glass. We don’t often think about what glass is, or how it is made, because it’s such a common material in everyday life. Our lamps are produced by first forming the inner core of a glob of molten glass. Once the glass is blown to the designed shape it undergoes a process of flashing to ensure proper fusion.

  • In addition to adding beauty to the home, Himalayan salt lamps help clean indoor air and improve respiratory health via natural ionization. Helps to Restore Well Being by Reducing the Effects of Moodiness, Feelings of Anxiety, Insomnia, Allergies and Colds.
  • Randhawa Global Square Basket contains himalayan salts chunks, 2 bulbs & Electric Cord
  • Melting/leaking of salt is authenticity of Natural Salt and is an natural phenominon. The salt absorb mosture in rHimalayan salt globe lamp contribute to a healthy, positive atmosphere in the home and office. Placing a Himalayan salt globe lamp in every room of the home can reap several health and environmental benefits as per Indian vaastu shastra and feng shui.
  • Globe salt lamp is a symbol of purification and good energy and it should be placed in north-east and south-west directions of a room

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is hand carved by our artisans from Old Rock Salt Blocks, 250 million years old, mined from Khewra Salt mines. These Salt mines are at the foot of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

Heated crystal salt lamps are the generators of natural ions. They bind the negative ions to excess positive ions (which are produced by computers and electrical devices).

Use ROCK SALT beautiful lamps in your home office or at work to reduce fatigue when the lamps get warm, they absorb moisture and the surface crystals become damp. This builds up the ionfield.

The lamp will help to neutralise the computers and office equipment emitting electromagnetic pollution.

The use of a salt lamp in the workplace can improve your concentration, improve your environment and increase productivity.

The ambient air that surrounds the lamp is cleaned by the hydrogen and oxygen transformation cycle, as well as sodium and chloride ions. The purified air resulting is helpful in relieving upper respiratory problems.

  • Dimension:- Height 31 X Width 26 X Depth 12 cms; Weight- 3199 Gms ; Color: White and purple led, Material: Acrylic and ABS, Power Source: Port Power
  • Usage: Table décor, home décor, bed Room, Living room, home decoration, shelf décor, showpiece, Gift, , house warming, valentine’s day gift, anniversary ;Light Source: LED.Gift for wedding,wedding gift for couple
  • The Lamp is highly durable. it is wrapped very carefully most superior quality built to last longer.
  • Packaging details and content included: *1 romantic Wrought LED lamp,   *1 flower pot to stick on the Base. The product comes in box with inner retail package.

The romantic Wrought LED lamp is an art-technology combination that creates an optical illusion and plays tricks on the eyes Decor Lamp For Beautiful .

You’ll see the design from afar, but as you get close up, you’ll see a thin wrought sheet that’s completely flat and holds the design.

It is bound to dazzle and impress your guests whilst always illuminating the room and life. This playful product combines manmade fibres with natural materials and is produced using machines as well as hand craftsmanship.

This lamp holds a romantic design of a love couple kissing and a Heart-shaped tree leaves at the bottom of the lamp with heart designs and butterflies.

It also accompanies by its side with a little flower pot or fragrance pot to make it look like a perfect showpiece for your home decor.

The combination of white and pink lights in your living room and bedroom looks amazing and creates a perfect romantic atmosphere.

Perfect lamp for displaying as a night lamp in your bedroom , living room, office or any way you wish to use it.

The outer lamp frame is made of Acrylic, which is laser engraved and known for its light transmitting properties, while the base is made of high quality ABS. Energy Long-life efficient LEDs are used to create warm glow that will not overheat. Works on port power source.

  • Size : Height – 7 Inch, Length – 5.5 Inch, Breadth – 5.5 Inch
  • Weight 700-800 Grams
  • Material – Glass
  • Type – Table Lamp
  • Shape – Dome
  • Wire Length – 1 Meter

Great Gifting Product Intended and Decorative Art. Handcrafted by experienced and talented Artisans with Glass Mosaic beads as per the design.

These Glowing Glass Lamps are made with the Glass Beads placed on top of the GLass Raw Lamp to give the Amazing Lighting when switched on to give you the best ambience Decor Lamp For Beautiful Home .

Nice lamp with little drawback. Difficult to access by male adult hand for bulb installation. MUST use the LED bulb to prevent overheat.

Easy to clean with Dry Cloth Fragile Light Weight Decorative Table Lamp Comes in a Packed 5 Ply Corrugated Box, with Thermocol and Bubble Packaging.

  • Please refer to the dimension image before making a purchase. Dimension: TOTAL (H) = 14.4, SHADE (H * DIA) = (5.7 * 8.1), BASE (H * DIA) = (10.3 * 4.5) Inch
  • Can be used as a living room or bedside decorative table lamps or as a night lamp
  • Color: BASE: Natural Brown, SHADE: Brown, Material: BASE: Liptis Wood, SHADE: Jute, Art Type: Madhubani & Warli Hand-Painting
  • Package Content: 1 Base, 1 Shade

The jute-shade log is a beautifully artistic table lampshade with a wooden log for the base holder, delicately handcrafted in liptis wood and hand-painted with intricate folklore by craftspeople from the Indian interior.

Inspired by madhubani ‘s historical art in bihar, the wooden log base ‘s natural brown has been hand-decorated with indigenous madhubani art, depicting an elephant with a plant motif in earthy Indian colours.

In the traditions of madhubani painting, the elephant is considered an auspicious aspect of nature and brings fortune, power and tranquilly. 

The beautiful jute shade is magically complimented by the compact design and the addition of simple embellishments of raw dori and traditional Indian metal ghunghrus. 

In this elegant table lampshade, the fall of soft light spreading through the shade and the native folk tales handcrafted with love.

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