December 15, 2020

Best geyser brand in India May 2023

Are looking for best geyser brand in India? In this very article, we will help you out to figure out which Best geyser in India will be suitable for you.

Sometimes taking a good bath can be the highest priority for someone. It can be a good way to begin a day. But having a good bath cannot possible for every season specifically in the winter season. For this reason, one needs to have a geyser. Having the best water geyser can be useful in the winter season.

Buying the best water heater might be a good option as it is cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. As water geyser will easily heat your water in less time by consuming less amount of water.

In this very article, we will discuss some best geyser available in the market. other than we will discuss some good aspects of best geyser in India one can consider if they are opting for buying it.

Why is it necessary to have a water heater in your homes? In this section of the very article, we will discuss why it is necessary to have a water heater in the first place. One might think that one can heat the water in the stove and pour that water in the bucket or tub for bathing purpose. Firstly, it is way more time consuming than one can imagine. The invention of water geyser was a very crucial factor in modern history. This particular invention has led to an increase in demand for the water heater.

Water geysers are easy & convenient to use. Moreover, it is safe to use because one just needs to click a switch to get hot water. So, there is no need to heat the water and take that water to your washroom as doing so there is a risk of getting burnt. And not to mention once you install the geyser this thing is good to go.

In general, one will get all the necessary convenience once the setup. Installing the best water geyser will help you to save you a lot of time & efforts. Take the advantage of this modern appliance and make your life easier & more convenient.

Best geyser in India 2021:

Buying Guide

Choosing the best water geyser can sometimes cause many problems. And if you’re considering the Best geyser brand in India. As the built-in quality, the customer service provided by these companies is insane. And not to mention the insane level of competition going on between these brands to build a better product than their competitor makes the consumer more confused. This company offers a variety of features in single geyser getting cold feet is pretty normal.

If you consider of having Best geyser in India one should follow this buying guide of Best geyser in India.

Instant water heating feature

The way someone takes bath is the first consideration. Like if one uses a bucket to take bath than it is necessary to take instant heater but if one uses a shower bath than one should sign up for storage water geyser.

Both the geyser has their own list of pros & cons. Like the instant comes with compact size because of which it is suitable for small bathrooms. This water geyser is more efficient than storage geyser as this geyser heat the water faster than storage one.

While instant water heater doesn’t need to maintain, one just need to click the switch and rest of the work are done by the heater. Even though the storage water consumes more energy than the instant geyser.

The capacity of the water geyser

One should consider that if you need hot water continuously while taking bath and also the no of the member in the family is also an important factor to be considered if one is opting for best water geyser

The material of the Water Tank

One should decide what kind of tank they want like one can choose copper tank is they want hot water instantly. Or if they want their tank to be more durable they should definitely sign up for stainless steel. It is totally up to the individual which factor is necessary for them.

Have Anti-corrosive design

Does the water geyser comes with anti-corrosive design or not is the necessary factor. Most of the northern part of India and in the metropolitan city the water are in terrible condition if this feature is not available in the water geyser than the geyser might start to dysfunction early. Especially hard water makes the water tank more corrode. Keeping this factor in mind while one buy the product.

The technology of Heating Element

The material and technology used for making heating element is the vital factor one should know. Most of Best geyser brand in India uses copper coating for the anode. While other uses glass coating this doesn’t allow the accumulation of segments in the tank.


When start searching for the one we will get hundreds of recommendations but there are few criteria one should know will buying best water geyser. Out of this various factor, one important factor is the budget. One should sign up for those water heaters which fits your above-mentioned criteria as well as budget.

Best geyser brand in INDIA

AO Smith 5 Star 25 Litre Water Heater


  • Have a powerful water tank which is more corrosion resistant
  • The quality of the heating element is pretty great which makes the heating parts more long-lasting
  • The technology used in this geysers ensures power savings
  • One can easily change the temperature because of which one can easily use this water geyser
  • Sleek & elegant design goes with any modern décor washroom


AO Smith 5 Star 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater is a great appliance which comes with good performance and high durability. It is the Best geyser in India which comes with a reasonable price and have many great features.

This 25L water geyser uses Blue diamond lining technology which reduces the accumulation of corrosive particle in the tank. Because of this technology the product is quite durable in nature. This technology has more capability to resist corrosion than any other renowned geyser company. Even if we don’t consider its durability still it is great as this water geyser is quite efficient.

This water geyser has customized alloy which protects the heating cathode from corrosion thus enhancing the durability of the product. The glass coating provides uniform heating and continuous water supply in the tank.

There are some other technical details which are quite impressive the advanced PUF insulation technology helps the water geyser to consume less power which ultimately helps in saving the power. Thus AO smith allows you to save more electricity than any other electric water geyser.

The mechanism of the AO Smith is pretty simple here thermostat is being used to set the water temperature. Once the tank gets overheated the water geyser would stop operating if the water reaches the set temperature.  

The design of the sleek and elegant it can go with any modern-day washroom. In short, the design of the geyser will enhance the interior décor of your living room.

In general, it is a great product if in this list of best geyser brand in India. Have a great efficiency and design and one should consider this product on their list.

  • Have a great capacity
  • Because of Blue diamond lining technology, this product is more durable than any other water geyser
  • Consumes minimum power
  • Because of the thermostat feature, it will automatically stop after reaching a certain heating point
  • Quite tough to set up this geyser
  • Sometimes makes weird noise during usage
  • A visual impaired person might face difficulty to see the indicator light

Bajaj New Shakti 25 Litre Storage Water Heater


  • Comes with a compact tank which has a large capacity
  • The inner tank has glass lining because of which tank becomes more durable
  • The anode of the geyser is made of anode because of which tank is corrosion resistant.
  • The cable extension is made of polycarbonate because of which the wire will not catch fire easily
  • This geyser consumes 2000W of power.


New Shakti 25 Litre Storage Vertical Water Heater is a versatile geyser. This geyser features standout from the geyser present in the list of Best geyser brand in India. The geyser is quite compact in nature because it is suitable for small washroom. Even though the geyser is compact in nature still it has great volume because of which one can store enough water in the tank. Because of this facility, it is considered to be Best water geyser. The water can store up to 25L of water. 

Based on performance it is the best geyser. It is durable in nature because of which it is corrosion-resistant. The inner tank of the water geyser comes with formidable glass-lined coating. Because of the coating, the chances of getting rust considered to be minimum.

Other than the storage factor & performance efficiency one thing which is crucial than any other factor is the safety matter. We consider it the best geyser in this factor because it comes with a mechanism which ensures that the geyser doesn’t get overheated. The cables of the geyser are made of polycarbonate because of which the cable will not catch fire. So the geyser comes with extra safety measures because of which one wouldn’t have to be worried about their safety.

This geyser comes with very powerful features. If someone prioritises safety matter than one should definitely opt for this best geyser in India.

  • Comes with various safety measure features
  • Have a great storage capacity
  • Because of formidable glass coating, the tank becomes quite durable
  • The product doesn’t come with the accessories

AO Smith 15-Litre 2000-Watt Water Heater


  • The tank is made of a blue diamond because of which the tank became long-lasting
  • It can handle 8-bars of pressure
  • This geyser is suitable for hard water
  • One can control the temperature of the geyser
  • Have 5-star BEE and can save as much of power


This AO Smith 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater is the Best geyser brand in India. It comes with various advance technology. This water heater can store up to 15L of water, even though the tank is quite compact in nature.

The AO smith tank comes with blue diamond coating because of which one doesn’t need to pay the maintenance cost for the geyser. And because of its coating one will get the high-quality heating for quite along. As the tank is made of a blue diamond because of which the geyser is corrosion resistant.

Other than that it comes with a safety valve which releases the extra pressure and discharges the extra water. This feature ensures all the necessary safety of the individuals. It remains consistent by managing the pressure of 8 bars.

Not only this it is suitable for the area which has hard water as the glass coating protects the geyser building up scales or the sedimentation. Because of which this geyser can function smoothly in hard water.

It is Best water geyser which comes at a reasonable price. Which consumes about 2000w of power and one should consider this best water geyser

  • Need no extra maintenance
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Because of the valve, this geyser can withstand high pressure
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • One needs to pay extra for installation
  • The After-sales services need a great deal of improvement

Crompton Amica 15-Litre Storage Water Heater


  • Have powerful heating anode for maximum efficiency
  • The design of the geyser is rust-free
  • Have many variable temperatures which ultimately save a huge deal of energy
  • Come with various safety measure feature


Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Litre Storage Water Heater is another Best geyser brand in India. The efficiency of the geyser is unbelievable. The heating anode of the water heater is pretty great. The copper coating helps to get the geyser heater faster than any average geyser.

We consider it the best water geyser because of its built-in quality. The material used for making the geyser is pretty good. Because of which it heats the water faster than the usual geyser. hence ultimately saves a lot of power.

Other the efficiency of the geyser the tank of the geyser can uphold enough amount old water with the risk of getting rust. Because the tank of this water geyser comes excellent polymer coating & poly bond which makes the tank corrosion resistant.

This geyser can save a lot of energy because f its stand cut off feature which cut the consumption of electricity as minimum as possible.

The Amica has a thermostat, reset knob as well as a pre-set thermal cutout. This deals with an unexpected scenario of electricity cuts. Other than this its primary focus is to ensure the safety of the individuals because of which it comes with a different safety feature. One should definitely consider this Best geyser in India.

  • Suitable for people who live high raised building
  • Comes with dry heating protection
  • This water geyser is rust & corrosion resistant
  • The after-sales services are pretty bad

Havells Monza 10-Litre Storage Water Heater


  • It comes with feroglas technology which prevents the geyser from rust
  • The anode stops the dirt & scales to get segment in the heating make it suitable for hard water
  • Comes with easily usable features like temperature knobs
  • Whirl flow technology increases the efficiency of hot water output
  • The design of the geyser add elegance to your modern washroom


If you are looking for something different here and wants a geyser which has many great features than it is the best geyser brand in India. This water tank comes with feroglas technology which protects the inner lining of the tank from rust.

Other than the capacity of the tank there is a major concern about pH balance in the water. The anode ensures the pH of the water remains neutral. Other than the pH level, the anode doesn’t allow sediments to settle on the heating element of the geyser.

The water tube of this water geyser comes with Whirl flow technology. Because of this technology, it prevents the direct contact of hot & cold water. Because of this mechanism, there is 20% more hot water output as a result of that the geyser heats the water more efficiently than the usual one.

We consider this as the best geyser in India. It comes with an elegant & compact design because of which of it can fit in anywhere. Other than this best water geyser comes with Flexi pipe which makes the geyser durable & long-lasting. This geyser can also persist 8 bar of pressure.

  • Comes with feroglas tank which makes the tank more durable
  • The geyser is suitable for high raised building
  • Working of the geyser is quite efficient
  • The temperature indicator is a bit tough to read

Usha Misty 15 LTR 5 Star Storage Water Heater


  • The tank comes with sapphire powered coating
  • Because of the coating, it has a low leaking risk
  • The anode comes with magnesium coating which prevents segment accumulation
  • Comes with various safety measures features
  • An added feature which makes the heating process more efficient


Usha is known as the best geyser brand in India. This brand produces high-quality geyser which has a great market value in water heating industry.

The inner tank of this best geyser is made of sapphire coating which makes it durable & long-lasting because of this coating the inner tank of the geyser have a smaller risk of water leaking. Other than the coating the anode has a magnesium deposit which protects the heating element from rust.

There are different added features which ensure the safety of the individuals. The geyser has a mechanism which prevents the geyser from dry heating. Other than this added feature this USHA geyser support Pressure up to 8 bars.

It is considered to be the best water geyser if you have a very small family. And because of this, it will consume less energy than an average geyser.

It is the best geyser in India available at a reasonable price which is suitable for a small family

  • Have various safety features
  • Because of the coating, the heating process is more efficient
  • Have an excellent retention capacity
  • The temperature mode is not very effective
  • The customer service is not up to the mark

AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Storage 6 Litre Vertical Water Heater


  • Comes with the advance heating process which leads to the efficient water heating
  • Magnesium protected anode which prevents the accumulation of scales
  • Comes with blue diamond lining which is very effective in protecting the tank from rust
  • Very suitable for hard water


This AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Storage 6 Litre Vertical Water Heater is the best geyser brand in India. This comes with a glass-coated element which makes the heating process effective. With the fast heating, the performance of the water geyser is quite consisted.

The anode also prevents the accumulation of segments in the tank which ultimately prevents the tank from rusting. So this geyser is effective against corrosion for a long time.

The blue lining technology also makes the tank more corrosion resistant than the usual one available in the market.

The PUF insulation feature is effective in saving energy because the geyser consumes less energy to heat the water.

In short, it is a great product one should consider this best water geyser on their list.

  • Have excellent built-in quality
  • Comes with various safety measure feature
  • This product is suitable for the area which has hard water supply
  • Have installation cost


We tried to provide you with some general insight on why one should consider water geyser and what are the benefits of using water geyser. We also provided you with the list of the top 7 best geyser brand in India. And one should first find out what are the criteria that geyser should have. Once you decide you’re good to go. Lastly consider the list we have provided this best water geyser are truly remarkable one as this comes at an affordable price with various amazing feature.

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