September 6, 2020

Top 5 Bathroom Shelf Stand Buying Guide May 2023

1. Plantex High Grade Stainless Steel Multipurpose 2 Tier Bathroom Shelf Stand with Towel Holder

Bathroom Shelf Stand In India is Made from Stainless Steel Construction, Anti Rust & Durability Ensuring and Powerful Heavy Duty Capacity.15 Inches Wall Shelves turn the Wasted Space into a Spacious Storage Room.

With polished metal finish, this shelf will also give your bathroom a touch of elegance.

15 Inches of wall shelves are converted into a spacious storage space. With polished metal finish, this shelf will also give your bathroom a touch of elegance.

Shampoo / Bottle / Toiletries Bathroom Shelves Putting And Double Towel Holder With 3-Hooks For Clothes And Towels. Modern Design, Classy Style. Making it look safe.

Perfect for individual use in other bathrooms, kitchen or bedroom. It is a wall mounted shelf, it needs to drill 4 holes on the wall and it comes with accessories required, Simple and fast to update, once you have downloaded the kit, you can start installing it.

Built from Stainless Steel Production, Anti-Rust & Quality Compliance and Solid Heavy Duty Capabilities. This shelf also gives your bathroom a bit of beauty.

Two Bathroom Shelves For Shampoo / Bottle / Toiletries Storage And Double Towel Stand For Clothing And Towels.

Two 15-inch wall shelves turn the unused space into a large storage area, used in the bathroom and kitchen. Simple and tidy Combined with smooth surfaces.

New, Sleek Type architecture. Making it look safe. Great for individual use of the components In other bathrooms, kitchen or apartment.

This Bathroom Shelf Stand Has A Large Stainless Steel Shelf With Rail And A Towel Bar, Holds All Your Bathroom Essentials, Creates The Tidy And Elegant Bathroom Of Your Dreams.

This Wall Mount Shelf matches perfectly with any bathroom style, creating an intimate and harmonious space for you to relax your body and free your mind with its modern design and polished stainless steel texture.

Used in the bathroom and kitchen, 16-inch wall racks turn the waste space into a spacious storage area. With polished metal finish, this shelf will also lend your bathroom a touch of elegance.

You can start installation once you have obtained the box with all the appropriate accessories and easy-to – follow instructions.

Self-adhesive kitchen and bathroom accessories magic sticker series. Installation DIY easy in a minute. This kitchen and bathroom shelf comes with solid magic sticker for self-adhesive application. No other software or hardware needed.

Load volume up to 7 kg. Our Magic sticker is a revolutionary solution that securely grasps the surface and significantly strengthens the loading capacity and service life of wall-mounted accessories in toilets, kitchens and other areas in the house, without disruption to the walls.

NEVER FALL OFF until you bring it down from the wall. Water tolerant at 100 per cent.

Suitable for tiles, glass, mirrors, laminates, stone , concrete or some other smooth surface construction. A great two-tier stainless steel rack for your bathroom or kitchenette.

Racks and Shelves can be used to store nearly all the items to your kitchen and bathroom. Can be a great shower caddy without any water impact on the label, or sticker adhesiveness.

Bathroom Shelf Stand In India Set includes 1 Piece Wall Mounted Two Tier kitchen storage rack, and fast installation Bathroom with Magic Sticker.

Modern and simplistic concept of Nordic type, this storage rack can be well suited to any household type; ideal for organising kitchen, living room, bathrooms, office, desk, balcony, can also be used as a small plant stand, organiser maquillage rack.

Spray body polish and thicken, strong avoidance of rust and no need to mount. Free-standing, sturdy structure which won’t tip over or break.

Scale-12.2 * 6.7 * 11.2inch, ideal scale for keeping the bathroom or kitchen things you use everyday.

Wipe the surface easily with a wet cloth to disinfect the shelf, keep it dry and do not submerge.


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