March 24, 2021

How to Earn Money Online with Multi-Level Marketing NexMoney

NexMoney is an online Multi-Level Marketing program that allows you to earn money and do shopping to pay bills simultaneously on a single application.

Once you install the app on your device, you will be able to recharge your cell phone, pay power bills, reserve flight tickets, and book hotel rooms right from your home.

Even though many MLM firms are available in the market, NexMoney allows you to make money while using their services, which is not available in other applications.

If you are interested, keep reading the article to the end and know all about NexMoney to receive commissions from various people you refer to generate a passive income.

NexMoney can give you the power to earn tens and thousands of dollars overnight by completing tasks, and the longer you use it, the higher your commission goes.

What is Multi-Level Marketing or MLM? 

Multi-level marketing is a common technique for businesses to grow their customer base by rewarding existing users for recommending their friends and family to sign-up for that platform.

In return, consumers can generate commissions directly related to how many people will buy goods recommended by that trusted party.

Multi-level Marketing companies like NexMoney are a legal business that does not require you to pay the money beforehand, i.e., the pyramid scheme works.

Since Pyramid schemes do not typically use goods and services to generate income and require you to pay a fee before joining their company, it makes them easy to identify among other MLM’s. 

Hence, Multi-level marketing is a safer and more sustainable business that anyone can do right from their home while using apps like NexMoney.

Downloading & Joining the NexMoney Application

Downloading the NexMoney APK is easy, and you have to open Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for its name to install and run it on your mobile.

Next, make an account by entering the user id and password in the sign-up section and if you already have an account, then log in from the same menu to use NexMoney services.

Once you add money to your virtual NexMoney wallet, you can start to purchase things from the online store and take advantage of their premium services.

Remember to add your Aadhar card, Pan card, Nominee details, etc. to your newly created account to get ultimate discounts, cashback, and coupons for your online purchases.

Ways To Make Money With NexMoney 

There are several income opportunities at NexMoney, which can be used to eliminate unemployment in India and work full time to keep a passive income in your bank account once a month.

Here’s the list of best methods you can use to make money online with NexMoney:

1. Referrals

Typically, NexMoney pays users for referrals to enter the website, apps, social media platforms, groups, etc. for commission-based earnings.

You can gain various commission levels depending on which group you belong, to earn better than other people on the platform. 

Also, NexMoney provides you with a unique link that you can use to generate a passive income stream that every newbie can do once per day.

On each level you’ll be able to make the given amount of money:

1 Level : Give 5 Referrals to earn 300₹ on each user to make 1500₹.

2 Level : Give 25 Referrals to earn 30₹ on each user to make 750₹.

3 Level : Give 125 Referrals to earn 45₹ on each user to make 5,625₹.

4 Level : Give 625 Referrals to earn 60₹ on each user to make 37,500₹.

5 Level : Give 3125 Referrals to earn 75₹ on each user to make 2,34,375₹.

6 Level : Give 15625 Referrals to earn 9₹ on each user to make 14,06,250₹.

7 Level : Give 78125 Referrals to earn 105₹ on each user to make 82,03,125₹.

8 Level : Give 390625 Referrals to earn 120₹ on each user to make 4,68,75,000₹.

9 Level : Give 1953125 Referrals to earn 135₹ on each user to make 26,36,71,875₹.

10 Level : Give 9765625 Referrals to earn 150₹ on each user to make 146,48,43,750₹.

2. Shopping

Our parents used to collect vouchers to get discounts on big supermarket deals. Nowadays, apps like NexMoney rewards you with points that allow us to save money in real-time while purchasing any item from their Nexshopping store.

You can earn points by following steps, and winning prizes that can give you huge advantages when shopping online to get your money back on an expensive deal.

3. Cashbacks

When shopping with NexMoney, don’t miss the official discounts and cashback offers regularly provided for users to save money when they pay bills and shop online.

Many people think the cashback idea is too good to be true, but after using NexMoney, they see the real advantages, and it never stops to amaze them in the long run.

This is the main reason why more and more people are turning to NexMoney for buying heavily discounted items from online retailers.

The Cashback feature of NexMoney can create large amounts of cash & discounts solely from their coupon codes and offers if used correctly by the user.

4. Royalty

Once you have become a premium member of NexMoney, you will be granted royalty income for the rest of your life in the form of cash for most users.

They provide premium members with 1% of companies total turnover after a year to give back to the average user, that you can use in any of their services like shopping, booking, recharging, etc. at the comfort of your own.

Here’s the overview of their royalty policy:

(a) Self Royalty

– Silver

Silver royalties are given to people who have contributed at least five local members and completed all the ten levels of savings offers to get a 1% raise on their commissions.

– Gold

Gold royalties are a step-up to the previous level which is activated when you add another five silver royal team members to your next money account to get a 2% raise on other investments.

– Diamond

Last but not least stands the diamond royalty which is achieved by adding another five gold members to your account to get 3% earnings on each of their future purchases.

(b) Company Royalty

Once you find diamond members in any five levels up to level 10, you will be able to get a company royalty of 1% that will be divided among your partner’s with no extra fee.

(c) Merchant Royalty

Merchants can use the dedicated program for commercial payments and fees to get additional reward points and discounts on general offers for benefiting their businesses.

7.5% – Given to customers in the form of reward points.

0.5% – Distributed to people above ten levels.

0.5% – Spend on retailers on NexMoney APK.

1% – Offered for people to refer new traders to the NexMoney system.

0.5% – This percentage is distributed among company members.

5. Savings

Your savings should be the primary source of income and would work like a jackpot if you hold a lot of money in your wallet for long periods of time.

Once you pay rupees 1770 ( Tax Included ) you will receive 1550 RS as a membership joining award with your own money that will be returned to your online wallet.

Membership programs are better in several ways to give you more reward points and cash back in bill payment, shopping, and online reservations.

Moreover, while using sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or any other online application that uses a wallet mechanism to sell goods and services you will get a cashback of up to 20% on every purchase.

General FAQs

Q1. How can I claim NexMoney discounts & cashback?

When purchasing on NexMoney, you can’t afford to overlook these supplies and promo codes which may help you save money while buying an item from their online store.

Just keep your notifications in check, and you’ll receive an offer or discount to make an online purchase in a few days.

Q2. Can I use NexMoney to pay bills?

When you’ve logged in to NexMoney you’ll have the ability to scan through a bill payment section to make invoices, mobile recharges, water & electricity bills, etc.

Just follow the steps afterward, and you’ll be able to make payments easily through your account with no delays.

Q3. How do I speak to the NexMoney customer care office?

NexMoney customer support is quite active, and you just have to make a call or message in these below helplines, and you will be able to speak with the NexMoney customer care office.

Client Care No of NexMoney: 8800300123

Official Email of NexMoney:  [email protected]

Q4. Is MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) NexMoney Legal?

When a company tries to enter the multimedia market at multiple levels by directly recruiting new members to buy its products, it’s a pyramid scheme, but NexMoney isn’t.

NexMoney generates all its revenue from the system of commission and referrals. It is perfectly legal in any country and is not considered a pyramid scheme because of its referral systems.

This makes NexMoney an entirely legal company based in India, and it is listed on the Government of India Website. Therefore every citizen must support it and not use other applications with foreign roots.

Q5. What are the most common use cases of NexMoney APK?

The most basic use of the NexMoney app is to recharge a cell phone from an Indian service provider and do shopping like in Paytm, Goibibo, or myPresence, and other similar apps.

This application can be used to buy items from other sites such as eBay, Myntra, Amazon, etc. and it acts as an online wallet to store and use your money in a safe place without traveling with cash all the time.

NexMoney was made to self-employed Indian kids and benefit them from small deals which was the main aim of launching it.

The APK gives you an opportunity to cash out gifts without using your own money, like for recharges, insurance payments, and network deals at any time of the day.

Many people only use this app to pay for water bills, bus tickets, movies, and plane tickets, but it’s more than that, and you can earn passive income when using the services.

All you need is a community of people to share this app through social media and other public and private groups around the country.

It will earn you a commission, and you will be able to spend it on the NexMoney shopping app or transfer it to your account.

Q6. Are there any other rewards for premium customers? 

Loyal customers of NexMoney are given a chance to travel across the world with Goa and Dubai trips as a motivation to do more tasks in the given period of time.

Once you achieve the title of leadership priority within the 30 days period, you will be able to go on a trip to Goa for 30 days that will be fully paid for by the company.

Plus if your tasks of 5-25-125 are completed between 90 days from the date of registration on the app. you can visit Dubai with no boundaries to fulfill your long-lasting dream of traveling outside of the country.

They do not even need to pay you a penny for a flight ticket as it will also be provided by NexMoney as a bonus to get so many individuals on their platform.

Q7. What’s a NexMoney Wallet?

NexMoney Wallet works exactly like any other bank using a savings and current account and a debit card to offer you.,

Like any other online wallet, NexMoney works as a savings account to store money digitally on its servers which you can spend to buy its goods and services.

You’re able to keep a balance of a minimum of 2000 to enjoy the benefits of this NexMoney Services With no fees on online transactions and payments, NexMoney Bank is a fantastic option to save money in the long run.

Final Words

With NexMoney, you can easily handle all your daily orders for bills, payments, and shopping needs from one app that is built explicitly for Indian users.

It is becoming one of the most popular platforms to make money online in the whole country today from referrals, discounts & points that you can later redeem to your account.

Apart from that, it offers a wide range of services to make your life more comfortable and help you with all your payment needs with attractive offers that no one can refuse. So download your NexMoney APK today and get all the added benefits right from home and make thousands of rupees without lifting a finger.

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