March 10, 2021

Aweber review

This article will take an in-depth dive into the uttermost solution for any designing or sending e-newsletters. This article will discuss why you should consider Aweber for managing your e-mail marketing for your small firm. Here we will discuss its pricing system, its essential features, and its user interface. By the end of this article, you will understand why you should consider an e-mail marketing tool like Aweber for your business. 

  • Aweber is an e-mail marketing tool that helps you to:
  • create the mailing list and also captured data from it
  • design newsletters that can be sent to your subscriber, which you have put on your list. 
  • It also provides an analyzed statistic related to an e-mail marketing campaign.

These points are some of the available features why one should consider Aweber for their e-mail marketing campaign. This e-mail marketing tool Aweber was founded in 1998, and according to their statistic, more than 100,000 individuals use their platform for e-mail marketing. 

Aweber pricing

The Aweber pricing system comes in two versions

  1. free
  2. pro(unlimited access to services)
  1. Free

The free version of Aweber allows you all the services provided by them until your mailing list is less than 500 subscribers. 

  1. Pro(unlimited access to services)

Here you get many excellent services after investing in this tool for e-mail marketing. There is a pricing structure that depends on the number of subscribers. If the hosting and e-mailing list is 500 subscribers, one needs to pay $19 per month. For subscribers, between 501-2,500 needed $29 per month. Other than this, if you need subscribers between 10,001-25,000, then you need to pay $149 per month.

A discount of 14% is available if you’re willing to pay quarterly, or you get up to 14.9% if you are up for an annual subscription. Other than this, there are some plans for students or any non-profitable organization.

One thing we love about Aweber is their pricing structure, which we already mentioned earlier. Their pricing is based on the number of subscribers you want; they don’t charge any extra amount for specific functionality. In short only difference in pricing is because of the mailing list.


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How does the pricing of Aweber can be compared to other e-mail marketing tool?

  • Cheaper than Campaign Monitor
  • Significantly cheaper than iContact
  • Comes at the same price as Mailchimp
  • More expensive than Getresponse

We have discussed some of the e-mail marketing apps, which are more expensive than Aweber.

All this tool provides different features to set their plan like for Aweber subscriber limit is their way to set their plan.

Salient features of Aweber

Aweber provides these benefits to its user:

  • it can import and host a mailing list
  • provides a wide range of templates
  • gives basic marketing automation functionality
  • have responsive e-mail designs
  • reporting
  • split testing
  • have blogs to e-mail to provide a tutorial about functionality
  • have the option of list segmentation 
  • a landing page builder
  • phone, live chat support, and e-mail

Which kind of data file can be imported into Aweber?

Importing an important existing e-mail database in Aweber is quite a simplistic job to be done.

This kind of file can be uploaded:

  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • TXT

One can add an individual list of a subscriber in the database manually or copy and paste the subscriber into the platform.

Why should you consider Aweber? When one enters the e-mail database, a pop notification appears on the screen to consider your subscriber in an autoresponder and tag them. Not all platforms allow the imported data into an autoresponder. Even one might face some issue as for Anti-spam reason; one needs to answer some general questions on how you have collected those data. 

Other than this, if your list for a subscriber is quite big like you have more than 10,000 subscribers, then one needs to wait as it is reviewed by Aweber anti-spam correspondence team, which is a one-day business.

In general, Aweber’s importing functionality is quite tremendous, and one cannot find flaws in this functionality.


Aweber provides the most extensive sets of e-newsletter templates, which are more than 700 templates.

The thing is, they provide a sheer amount of templates out of which one can easily find a suitable template for their e-newsletters. Even though you don’t like those, they allow you to make your template through coding.

E-mail Design

Aweber’s e-mail templates come with responsive design. This means they are compatible with any design. They automatically resize themselves according to the device one is using. To ensure this, you can always use the preview button to look at how your e-mail templates look on mobile devices. You need to click the preview button and then click the mobile preview, and that’s it; you will get what you are looking for.

Usage of Web fonts in Aweber's Templates

Aweber allows the usage of web fonts in your templates. The thing about web fonts is they are quite attractive than the standard fonts. Those things grab one attention, and using a web font in e-mail templates comes in handy to many. The thing that differs Aweber from another one most e-mail marketing tool doesn’t allow web fonts. If you want to enhance the appearance of a template and want to grab your reader’s attention instantly, then consider using web fonts in your templates.

Moreover, they also help bring more of your brand consistency to your site and e-mail as they analyze your typeface and recommend you which web font is suitable for your templates.

In short, Aweber has done a great job because of the inclusion of web font. Other than web fonts, they also included some of thereof designs.

Conversion of RSS to e-mail templates

Aweber can take your site’s RSS feed and turn those into e-mail templates, and after that, you can send those according to your defined time. In Aweber, this feature is known as “blog broadcast.” This feature comes quite handy for bloggers who want their subscribers to receive their latest posts in their e-mails automatically. This feature saves you a lot of time as you can feed your e-mails with the content of your website.

You should know you can’t use the standard template design of Aweber for the blog broadcast feature. There are different sets of template design for this specific feature.

This is a great feature even though it needs improvement because of the template design problem. One should see that this feature saves a lot of time, which is worth using it.

What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are a series of follow-up e-mails generated at a specific time or triggered because of user action.

Still, confused about this? Consider these examples:

  • Whenever you sign up for someone’s mailing list, you immediately receive a welcome message.
  • After one week, that person receives of discount coupon.
  • After that, they also receive a notification on following them on their social media handle.

The thing is they save you a lot of time, and on the plus side, they generate huge revenue out of it.

Aweber autoresponder’s functionality is useful. They are easy to use; they provide a set of e-mails that can be set to a specific time interval. 

Using Aweber can help you to set your goals, and not only that, but this thing also makes your work faster and equally sophisticated. 

If one used autoresponder’s features in a more advanced way, then one should probably consider having GetResponse if one considers this feature to be the main reason for your firm.

Marketing automation

It is a feature that is offered by many e-mail marketing tools like Aweber. 

With the help of marketing automation, you draw a flowchart where e-mails are sent according to the user action, like if they are opening e-mails, or they visited your site through e-mails, and so on.

Aweber recently launched this feature, and with the help of this feature, many user tags along with specific actions like opening or per clickthrough. 

We think this feature of Aweber has to go a long way. This function works great on another available tool like Getresponse or Mailchimp.

AMP for e-mail

This is the field where Aweber has mastered in its way. It is a new technology that has been developed by the e-mail marketing tool, which comes to be known as AMP for e-mail.

Initially, e-mail always has been a very static affair, which means e-mail is consists of only text and image. AMP for e-mail has changed many things like taking small actions through e-mails e-mail and many more are only possible because of AMP for e-mails.

AMP not only allows that but also allows you to insert dynamic content like live survey results or cricket score etc. because of this, one can create powerful and engaging content for their e-mails.

Opt-in processes

A great feature of Aweber is that it gives flexibility on how you can handle the opt process in your way.

The thing is, one can choose their subscriber to be a single opt basis or double opt basis. You might be thinking about what is single or double Opt basis. A single opt basis is when the user became a subscriber after completion of the form. On the other hand, double Opt, a link is generated in a separate e-mail to complete the subscription.

Aweber provides excellent flexibility for this process GetResponse and Squarespace e-mail campaign also provides the customer with this choice.

Split testing

The split testing feature ensures to send some variants e-mail to some of the users present in your mailing list, it also monitors the performance of those e-mails, and out of various e-mail, they send the best version e-mail to the rest of your mailing list.

For most e-mail marketing tools, this split-screen feature automatically creates varieties of e-mail, and those samples of e-mails are sent to some of the people present on the mailing list. They analyze which of the e-mail has worked perfectly and send that e-mail to the rest of the people present in your mailing list.

In Aweber, one can send three variant e-mails with the help of a split-screen. Mad mini doesn’t provide this facility at all. Campaign monitor allows two variant e-mails, and MailChimp allows sending three variant.


E-mail analytics in Aweber is great. One can monitor statistics like open rate, bounces, and clickthrough. This useful information helps you to understand your potential customer, a general view on the sign-up methods, and so on.

Aweber reporting feature provides more comprehensive information that provides general insights that help you to grow your business. This feature provides the insight makes the marketer realize there flaws and implement the correct strategy. This is not possible in email marketing tools like GetResponse or MailChimp as these thing provides all general information in single area which might cause confusion.

To use this feature one need to go through three option “broadcast,” “subscriber,” and “reports” to analyze the whole scenario. 

Segmentation of data

The segmentation of data is relatively straightforward—one segment of their user through content or user activity. Aweber doesn’t let its user broadcast e-mails to multiple segments, which might create some problems during the data segmentation. Aweber allows you to send multiple lists at one time, which makes the process manageable

Aweber support

It comes with phone support, live chat support, and e-mail support, making it stand out from its competitor because many don’t come with phone support. For the support’s availability, the Aweber support team is available from 8 am-8 pm from Monday to Friday. E-mail and live/chat support is available 24/7.

Comparison between Aweber and its competitor












  Have free plans


If you have an audience of less than 500, than it is free



No such plan is available here


It also comes with a free plan, but many bids have some issues because many prefer buying plans.


It comes with a free plan but doesn’t provide premium features which is provided by Aweber.

  Landing page


An Aweber landing page is easy to use, and it also contents smart content features. 


GetResponse offers a landing page of a/b testing feature, which makes it a better performer.


The performance of the landing page is okayish. 


This doesn’t come with any landing page.


Pricing based on the number of subscriber and bit expensive


Cheaper than MailChimp and Aweber



 Out of four, it comes at most expensive plans


Comes at reasonable price.

  Split testing


Aweber doesn’t limit split testing in particular subject lines and allows you to split test for four different e-mails.



It only allows you only if you provide any subject lines. split test for two different e-mails


For MailChimp, it allows you without any subjective line. but split test available for three different mails


Comes with A/B split testing.


After this, we would say Aweber is a great marketing tool. This thing is reliable, comes at a reasonable price, and contains many great features that come in handy if you’re considering e-mail marketing important for your business.

The main feature that standout is its user interface, its collection of web fonts, landing page builders, etc. And more its free plan, which provides all the necessary features for a small number of subscribers, is also quite remarkable.

The Aweber support team provides 24/7 customer service as its support aspect is also useful as many are dealing with e-mail marketing for the first time. And this thing also comes with mobile support, which stands out from its competitors. 

In short, it is an excellent tool if you consider buying a monthly subscription to an e-mail marketing tool.

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